Current Funding Opportunities

NEW! Trifecta Initiative Matching Funds.

Full Funding Announcement (PDF).

Current available TIMF awards:

College of Communication Arts and Sciences: 2 available

College of Engineering: 2 available

College of Nursing: 2 available

The Trifecta Initiative would like to announce a new funding opportunity for faculty (including post-doctoral and other non-tenure line researchers). The Trifecta Initiative Matching Funds Award is designed to provide additional support and resources to enhance research activity, scholarship and collaboration within the colleges of Communication Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Nursing at MSU through the merging health, technology, and communication.

A maximum of $1000 will be provided for each award – the applicant’s college, department, or institute must match the contribution. Funds will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis and will be evenly distributed among the three participating colleges. There is no deadline as it is an open submission, however, a use report is required within 6 months of the award.

The award can be used for purposes such as:

  • Data processing or analysis, including cloud computing time or hourly student compensations
  • Incentives for study participants
  • Software purchase or licensing
  • Grant writing workshop registration
  • Statistic workshop registration
  • Grant review costs

The Trifecta Initiative Matching Funds is limited to two awards per Trifecta college (ComArtSci, Engineering, and Nursing), per semester.

Trifecta Initiative Facilitiating Funds

With the Trifecta Initiative Facilitating Funds (TIFF) Award, Trifecta seeks to support federal grant applications authored by faculty in the colleges of ComArtSci, Engineering, and Nursing at Michigan State University.

Please stay tuned for future TIFF Award announcements. 

  • Eligibility

    To be eligible to apply for the Trifecta Facilitating Funds Award, the following criteria must be met:

    • The submitting faculty (Principal Investigator) must be from one of the three Trifecta Initiative colleges. The PI must be the PI on the planned federal proposal. A submission by a PI who is a lead co- investigator of a portion of a federal proposal (e.g. subcontract) may be considered if justification is shown.
    • At least one co-investigator in the larger federal proposal must have a primary academic home in at least one of the other two Initiative colleges. Other co-investigators (including students) from non- Trifecta Initiative colleges may be listed as part of the proposal.
    • The PI must submit quarterly updates to the Trifecta Initiative Director (or designee) about progress of the federal proposal and the project generally.
    • The federal proposal must have a submission date no later than February 2019.
    • The team must utilize at least one VPRG resources (e.g., writing consultants, grant Workshops and Events) during the proposal development. This is in addition to the “Write Winning Grant Proposals” which will be provided to the funded teams from the first submission. See potential resources at
    • Any presentations and publications that result from these support funds must include the following label: “Support for this project was in part provided by the Trifecta Initiative at MSU.”


  • Application Procedure

    The application process was designed to be a simple extension of a started federal application. To apply, please submit the Facilitating Funds Award template as one PDF document to An application template is available here. The filename should be as follows: “[PI last name] - TIFF Award 2017-18.pdf”. The application contains the following parts:

    • Page 1: The Cover Page includes the following:
      • The title of the larger planned federal proposal
      • The Principle Investigator (include primary and secondary affiliations)
      • Co-investigators (including affiliations) with 1-2 sentences for each describing their contribution to the larger planned proposal
      • RFA or other program announcement the larger application is responding to, the program officer associated with the planned submission, and deadline for application submission
      • Finally, enter the Project Narrative (<150 words) for the larger project.
    • Page 2: The most recent draft of the larger proposal’s Specific Aims page (must match formatting guidelines of the federal mechanism).
    • Page 3: Briefly describe the larger proposal’s Significance (70-word limit), Innovation (70-word limit), and Impact (70-word limit). In less than 500 words, describe why these funds are needed to help finalize the larger application (e.g., student support to do analysis, travel to a conference to present data) and how these funds will increase your chances of a successful federal funding proposal.
    • Page 4: Top half of page: Provide a timeline to federal funding submission, including major events and milestones which must be completed (e.g. names and dates of conference to present data, when to talk to program officer, meeting with college pre-award budget personnel, VPRGS workshops, MSU internal approval).
      Bottom half of page: Short budget plan, with justification for expenses. Eligible expenses include: support for graduate or undergraduate research assistants, statisticians, or other personnel needs, small supplies needed to conduct supporting pilot research, course releases, travel to a conference to present data, publication costs, travel for data collection, incentives for participants, and other expenses that are necessary to prepare a federal grant submission.
  • Key Dates

    For the 2018-2019 Trifecta Initiative Facilitating Funds, applications are due October 31, 2018. Recipients will be announced November 14, 2018

  • More Information

    Download the full Call for Applications (PDF).

    Obtain a proposal submission template (Word Doc)

    If you have questions regarding Trifecta or the Facilitating Funds Award, please email Eric Hunter (ejhunter at with the subject line: Facilitating Funds Award.

    To join our listserv, send an email to trifecta at with your name, department affiliation, and preferred email address.