Funded Projects: 2019-2020

Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy Care: Virtual Reality Training for Health Professionals

  • Jeff Searl, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Peter Lapine, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Gayle Lorens, College of Nursing
  • Andrew Dennis, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Mary Kay Smith, Learning and Assessment Center
  • Gary Bente, Communication Arts & Sciences

Emotional Support and Behavioral Promotion Among Low-Income Families During COVID-19

  • Jiying Ling, College of Nursing
  • Lorraine B. Robbins, College of Nursing
  • Jean Kerver, College of Human Medicine
  • Mi Zhang, College of Engineering
  • Nanhua Zhang, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

The Media Psychology of Vaccination: Social and News Media Influence on Attitudes, Beliefs, and Norms in the Coronavirus Era

  • Nancy Rhodes, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Fashina Alade, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • David Ewoldsen, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Ashley Sanders-Jackson, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Jiliang Tang, College of Engineering

Data-Driven Subject-Specific Modeling of Voice Production

  • Horng-Shiuann Wu, College of Nursing
  • Maryam Naghibolhosseini, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Mi Zhang, College of Engineering

The Role of Circadian Rhythm in Managing Sleep/Wake Disturbance and Fatigue Using Tailored Bright Light During Chemotherapy

  • Horgn-Shiuann Wu, College of Engineering
  • Mohsen Zayernouri, College of Engineering
  • Jingbo Meng, College of Communication Arts & Sciences

Population-Based Health Informatics for Predicting the Rate of US Teen's Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Uptake Using the Occurences of Anti- and Pro-Antivaccination Messages on Social Media

  • Jiying Ling, College of Nursing
  • Mi Zhang, College of Engineering
  • Jean Kerver, College of Human Medicine
  • Nahua Zhang,College of Engineering
  • Lorraine Robbins, College of Nursing