Funded Projects: 2018-2019

Buffers, barriers, and resiliency in breastfeeding behaviors of Asian American mothers

  • PI: Joanne Goldbort, College of Nursing
  • Mary Bresnahan, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Jie Zhuang, Dept. of Communication at Texas Christian University
  • Elizabeth Bogdan-Lovis, Asst. Director at MSU Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences

A dyadic family-based intervention for overweight/obese parent-child dyads and families

  • PI: Tsui-Sui Annie Kao, College of Nursing
  • Wei Peng, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Charles Given, College of Nursing
  • Lorraine Robbins, College of Nursing
  • Yuehua Cui, College of Nursing
  • Roxane Chan, College of Nursing

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle through identifying needs and designing solutions for persons with disabilities in Autonomous Vehicle (AV) transportation systems

  • PI: Tamara Bush, College of Engineering
  • Shelia Cotten, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • T Qu, College of Social Science

Neurocognitive basis of disparities in evaluations of speech of African Americans

  • PI: Laura Dilley, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Selin Aviyente, College of Engineering
  • Gary Bente, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Amanda Hampton Wray, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • David Ewoldsen, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Suzanne Wagner, MSU College of Arts & Letters
  • Geneva Smitherman, MSU College of Arts & Letters
  • Lisa Sanders, Dept. of Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Face-Threatening Health Behavior Change Messages from Intimate Partners-Message Characteristics, Brain Reactions and Outcomes

  • PI: Amanda Holmstrom, Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Denise Hershey, College of Nursing
  • Ralf Schmaelze, Communication Arts & Sciences