Funded Projects: 2016-2017

Understanding the temporal and structural dynamics of emotion toward emerging diseases

  • PI: Taiquan (Winson) Peng, ComArtSci
  • Jie Zhuang, ComArtSci
  • Jiliang Tang, College of Engineering

The use of wearable activity trackers among older adults

  • Co-PI: Anastasia Kononova, ComArtSci
  • Co-PI: Shelia Cotten, ComArtSci
  • Co-PI: Wei Peng, ComArtSci
  • Co-PI: Mi Zhang, College of Engineering
  • Marie Bowen, ComArtSci
  • Kendra Kamp, College of Nursing
  • R.V. Rikard, College of Nursing

A low-cost mobile immersive virtual reality system for enhancing movement rehabilitation

  • PI: Taiwoo Park, ComArtSci
  • Mi Zhang, College of Engineering
  • Rajiv Ranganathan, College of Engineering