Call for Applications Trifecta Pilot Funding Grant Award
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Call for Applications Trifecta Pilot Funding Grant Award

Trifecta seeks to stimulate new or emerging interdisciplinary research collaborations between faculty in the colleges of Communication Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Nursing at MSU. Pilot funding will be used to help create innovative, interdisciplinary research projects that will lead to increased applications and successes in external funding, presentations and publications, and visibility for the Trifecta initiative at MSU.

Improving health outcomes and healthcare organization and delivery (including enhanced outcomes, reduced and stabilized costs, and improved access) are significant societal issues, especially in populations experiencing health disparities.  The complexity of delivery models, diversity of populations, existence of large-scale societal inequalities, and development of healthcare solutions require interdisciplinary approaches to make advances in these areas.

The Colleges of Communication Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Nursing at Michigan State University have joined forces to create a Trifecta-a winning partnership of three innovative colleges. With support and investment from all three colleges, MSU’s provost, and vice-president for research and graduate studies (VPRGS), Trifecta is a launch-pad for groundbreaking interdisciplinary projects that will develop cutting-edge computing and communication technologies to improve health care and outcomes and address health disparities.

A maximum of $10,000 per project is available. Eligible expenses include: support for graduate or undergraduate research assistants, supplies needed to conduct the research, course releases, travel for data collection, incentives for participants, and other expenses that are needed to carry out the proposed research activities.

To be eligible to apply for the Trifecta Pilot Funding Grant Award, investigators must:

  • Have a team comprised of investigators from at least two of the three Trifecta colleges (Communication Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Nursing)
  • Faculty outside the three Trifecta colleges can be included on the teams, but a faculty member from one of the Trifecta colleges must be the PI on the proposal
  • Have teams that have been formed recently and/or be working on a new topic of investigation\Be able to complete the proposed research within one year
  • Agree to submit 6 month and 1 year reports on the status of their projects, and include lists of any presentations, publications, and external funding applications submitted and received as a result of this pilot funding research
  • Indicate on any presentations and publications that result from this project that ‘Pilot Funding for this Project was Provided by the Trifecta Initiative at MSU’
  • Must apply for external funding to further this line of research within 1.5 years of receiving this funding

Application Procedure: To apply, please submit the following as one PDF document to trifecta@msu.edu:

  • 2-page single-spaced proposal (references are not part of page limit), 11-point font, 1″ margins
  • Resubmissions are allowed
  • Proposal sections should include:
    • Research question and specific aims
    • Description of the study and significance
    • What is innovative about this project
    • Methodology
    • One-year timeline
    • Relevance to Trifecta
    • Team members, with department and college affiliations, and specific roles on the project
    • Likelihood to lead to submission for external funding; note potential RFA#, PA#, programs, etc.
  • Budget, including justification (separate from the 2-page proposal)
  • Biosketch for all team members (can be either NIH or NSF format)

Deadline for Applications: Friday, September 30, 2016
Awards will be Announced:  Wednesday, November 2, 2016

To learn more about Trifecta, visit our website: http://trifecta.msu.edu/.
To join our listserv, send an email to trifecta@msu.edu with your name, department affiliation, and preferred email address.

If you have questions regarding Trifecta or the Pilot Funding Program, please contact:
Shelia Cotten
Trifecta Director
Director, MSU-Sparrow Center for Innovation and Research
Professor, Department of Media & Information