• How do people react on social media to disease outbreaks?

    MSU professor Dr. Winson Peng works with Drs. Jie Zhuang and Jiliang Tang to study the emotional reaction people express online to disease outbreaks like ebola.

  • Fall Pilot Grant Recipients 4

    Effectiveness of Social Media in Preventive Health Information Propagation

    The goal of this proposed research is to determine message- and network-related antecedents to the propagation of preventive health information broadcasted by health organizations through social media. Read more

  • Professors team up to make heart patients healthier

    Professors from Nursing, engineering, and communications created a motivational text messaging program to increase physical activity in hearth patients.

  • Trifecta grant funds research on vapor ad regulation

    MSU professors Dr. Ashley Sanders-Jackson and Dr. Jiayu Zhou are studying how to best regulate online ads for vapor cigarette products, which in the future could protect children from seeing inappropriate vapor ads

  • Trifecta team studies how social media can influence risky alcohol use

    Professors from Nursing, engineering, and communications studied how young people's social media posts about drinking alcohol at celebratory events led their friends to drink more at celebrations

  • Virtual reality as physical therapy

    MSU professors are creating an immersive virtual reality system that could help rehabilitate people with physical injuries. Dr. Taiwoo Park leads the team of profs from Communication Arts & Sciences and Engineering.

  • Can activity trackers help older adults stay fit?

    Dr. Anastasia Kononova leads an interdisciplinary team to study the attitudes that older adults have toward activity trackers like FitBit.

Trifecta Overview

The Trifecta initiative brings together Intellectual Leaders from the Michigan State University Colleges of Communications Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Nursing. Faculty members and graduate students are forging intellectual and operational directives aimed at advancing the delivery of health services for diverse communities.

The initiative allows faculty members to reach out to create genuine collaborations between the three colleges and foster the full potential of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research at MSU.

Information on 2017-2018 pilot funding coming soon.

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